Our Start

It seems like it was just yesterday that we opened our doors for the first time in 2013. Having little clue what we were doing, we jumped head first. Although we didn’t completely miss the jump, we did take one or two, okay maybe three, stumbles along the way. Opening day my Mom and I received great feedback from our customers and we used that to drive us in the next few weeks when things began to slow down.


Of course everyone liked cookies, but there wasn’t enough to drive them back frequently. We had a solid base of delicious cookies. But, we needed more, we needed our edge. Not long after opening the ‘Specialty Cookie’ was born. Our original cookies with homemade frosting and toppings – topped to order, served warm and gooey. What could be better? Putting it over ice-cream.


It’s funny because most people don’t even realize that we didn’t offer Specialty Cookies, or even ice-cream when we first opened. Specialty cookies and ice-cream have become so much a part of One Hot Cookie that it’s unimaginable that they weren’t part of the original plan. So please have a Specialty Cookie or two or as many as your heart desires and don’t forget the ice-cream.




What’s With the Dogs?


One Hot Cookie was started on a whim in 2013. Having no money for furnishings and decor, let alone a mascot and an advertising budget, it was time to get creative. The furniture was plucked from Morgen’s bedroom and the family Pug, Fredo, became the king of social media with his face being synonymous with the brand. Having been dressed and photographed by Morgen and Bergen for years, he was a natural. He loved to visit the shops and took his role of “cookie dog” very seriously.
Sadly, Fredo crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 but his legacy as the “cookie dog” lives on with Morgen’s Pug, Kate Middleton and Bergen’s Labrador, Remington.